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The job responsibilities of a Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer include:


1.Developing and implementing biosafety and biosecurity policies and procedures in compliance with regulatory and organisational requirements.

2.Conducting risk assessments and identifying potential hazards within the laboratory.

3.Ensuring proper handling, storage, and disposal of biological materials, hazardous chemicals, and other potentially infectious materials.

4.Conducting regular safety and security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

5. Developing and delivering safety training programs to laboratory personnel, including new employees and visitors.

6.Maintaining accurate records and documentation of all safety and security activities within the laboratory.

7.Investigating and reporting any safety incidents or accidents that occur within the laboratory.

8. Providing guidance and support to laboratory personnel regarding biosafety and biosecurity issues.

9.Liaising with external organisations, such as regulatory agencies and emergency services, to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

10.Keeping up-to-date with current biosafety and biosecurity trends, regulations, and best practices, and implementing changes as necessary.

11.Developing and maintaining emergency response plans and procedures for the laboratory.

12. Ensuring that appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is available and utilised by laboratory personnel.

13. Collaborating with other departments within the organisation to promote a culture of safety and security.

14.Conducting internal investigations into any suspected breaches of biosafety and biosecurity protocols.

15.Preparing reports and presentations for senior management and other stakeholders on the status of laboratory safety and security.


1.Preparing patients for radiologic procedures by explaining the process, positioning the patient, and ensuring proper use of protective equipment.

2.Operating radiologic equipment to produce high-quality images of internal organs, bones, and tissues for diagnosis.

3.Following established procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of patients and staff during radiologic procedures.

4.Monitoring and maintaining equipment and ensuring that it is functioning properly and safely.

5. Processing and developing radiographic images using computer software or traditional film methods.

Maintaining accurate and complete patient records and imaging files.

6.Communicating with healthcare providers to ensure that imaging results are interpreted correctly and used to inform treatment decisions.

7.Assisting with patient care, such as transferring patients, lifting or turning them, and providing emotional support.

8.Maintaining a clean and organized work environment, including the radiology suite, equipment, and supplies.

9.Adhering to ethical and professional standards, such as patient confidentiality, informed consent, and cultural sensitivity.

10.Participating in continuing education and professional development activities to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies in radiology.

11.Assisting in the development and implementation of quality control and assurance programs.

12.Providing guidance and training to new radiology staff members.

13.Participating in on-call schedules and emergency radiology services as needed.

14.Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to provide coordinated and comprehensive care to patients.




Educational Attainment
Graduate of Medical Technology
Working Experience
None required

None required

CSC Eligibility


Duties and Responsibilities


1. Cleans and maintains all used laboratory instruments/glassware

2. Disinfects all used materials, glassware, slides, petri dishes, sample cups, test tubes in all sections of the laboratory before discard

3. Collects and segregates all disposable petri dishes for safety and proper disposal of biohazard waste materials

4. Keeps specimens that have already been dissected and retrieves them when needed

5. Defrosts and cleans laboratory refrigerators

6. Cleans all equipment in the laboratory

7. Helps in transferring the supplies from the Central Supply Room (CSR) to the laboratory

8. Helps in transporting the specimen from the Reception Area to the section concerned when the need arises

9. Transports specimens (for send out) to nearby hospitals when the test is not available in our laboratory

10. Photocopies important papers, communication letters and other documents for laboratory records on file

11. Acts as messenger when necessary

12. Performs other related functions assigned by his superiors


Junior Medical Technologist / Medical Technologist Staff Assigned at the Reception Area




Educational Attainment                                   :

BS Medical Technology

Working Experience                                        :

2  years of relevant experience

Training                                                           :

Rotation in all sections of the division

CSC Eligibility                                                :

RA 1080


Duties and Responsibilities

- Goes on 8-hour duty as Medical Technologist I, working on overtime as the need arises

- Goes on Random/STAT (blood extractions) during his/her 8-hour shift

- Does blood extractions for out-patients when assigned

- Performs all routine laboratory procedures

- Numbers, centrifuges, separates the specimen

- Prepares the machines for running

- Prepares Requisition Form (RF) for reagents and supplies to ensure sufficiency of stocks for

laboratory use, for approval of Section Head

- Cleans the working area after duty-hours

- Performs other related functions assigned by his/her superiors, including Reception

- Signs and releases printed reports to be countersigned by the Laboratory Head

- Receives laboratory requests, checking for proper and complete data and requested exams legibly written on the form

- Helps create a friendly and warm atmosphere in attending to the needs of the patients and accommodating them in the Reception area

- Assists patients to follow instructions and special preparations based on the procedure of the

requested examination

- Ensures that all incoming patient requests are properly charged and collected

- Monitors and files patient feedback on laboratory services through evaluation forms submitted

- Checks and ensures that all pertinent file records for issuance of results are properly and completely filled up

- Responsible for the maintenance of good filing system of patients’ results


Section Supervisor in Quality Assurance / Senior Medical Technologist



Educational Attainment                                   :

BS Medical Technology

Working Experience                                        :

3 years of relevant experience

Training                                                           :

Seminars, conventions in Quality Assurance

CSC Eligibility                                                :

RA 1080


Duties and Responsibilities


Administrative Functions

- Responsible for computation of “cost per test” of each examination in the Section

- Responsible for the inventory and evaluation of good quality reagents and supplies for the section

- Prepares Requisition Form (RF) for reagents and supplies to ensure sufficiency of stocks for

laboratory use, for approval of Section Head

- Reviews and finalizes monthly charges, expenses and census done by the Junior Medical Technologist


Technical & Specific Functions

- Undergoes 8-hour duty as Medical Technologist II, working on overtime as the need arises

- Performs all routine and special examinations of the assigned section and rotates to other sections to widen scope of knowledge and training, performing

- Records patient’s tests, enters patient information and prints reports to be countersigned by the Laboratory Head

- Files all previous records

- Numbers, centrifuges, separates the specimen

- Records patient’s test, enters patient information and generates and prints test


- Assist in evaluation of new reagents and machines for procurement

- Ensures proper maintenance of machines and equipment and performing troubleshooting methods as able

- Trains the Junior Medical Technologist to ensure performance of efficient and quality laboratory service

- Ensures machines are properly prepared for running

- Ensures clean working area after duty-hours

- Attends seminars, lectures and other workshops to stay updated on new techniques in laboratory procedures


Section Supervisor in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Clinical Microscopy/ Parasitology/ Serology & Special Chemistry.




Educational Attainment                                   :

BS Medical Technology

Working Experience                                        :

3 years of relevant experience

Training                                                           :

Rotation in all sections of the division

CSC Eligibility                                                :

RA 1080


Duties and Responsibilities


Assistant Chief Medical Technologist Function (if applicable)

1. Assists the Chief Medical Technologist in all the administrative and technical responsibilities in the laboratory

2. Carryover of all the responsibilities of the Chief Medical Technologist on his/her off-duty, vacation leave and sick leave


Administrative Functions

a. Ensures correct computation of “cost per test” of each examination in the Section.

b. Approves Requisition Form (RF) for reagents and supplies to ensure sufficiency of stocks for

laboratory use.

c. Spearheads full implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures of the section, updates and revises them with the approval of the Head of the Laboratory.


Technical & Specific Functions

1. Performs all routine laboratory procedures in the Section.

2. Signs and releases printed reports to be countersigned by the Laboratory Head.

3. Files all previous records.

4. Supervise the Junior Medical Technologist in the proper performance of techniques.

5. Monitors proper processing, storage and handling of specimens.

6. Responsible for maintaining and calibrating all equipment, reporting needed repairs to the Chief Medical Technologist.

7. Ensures reliability of information obtained from the laboratory by running samples with abnormal findings in duplicate and conducting internal and external quality control tests.

8. Responsible for the evaluation of new methods, procedures and equipment based on actual

demonstration of prospective companies and to recommend thereafter upgrading laboratory services.

9. Attends seminars, lectures and other workshops to stay updated on new techniques in laboratory procedures.




Educational Attainment                                   :

BS Medical Technology

Working Experience                                        :

5 years of relevant experience

Training                                                           :

Rotation in all sections of the division

CSC Eligibility                                                :

RA 1080


Duties and Responsibilities


Administrative Functions

1. Represents the Department of Laboratories in the monthly administrative staff meeting and in all other meetings that will require representation of the department.

2. Serves as liaison officer between the Head of the laboratory and fellow medical technologists.

3. Prepares schedules, assigns works and duties of all Medical Technologists I and II, Secretary,

 Clerks, Laboratory Aides; ensures assignment of Reliever during vacation, sick or emergency


4. Helps superiors in the evaluation of new staff for permanent positions, and the more senior staff for the promotion, depending on their overall performance.

5. Reviews Performance Evaluation System (PES) reports of all staff every 6 months.

6. Coordinates with the Manager/Officer-in-Charge and Head of the laboratory for the implementation of sanction/disciplinary action towards laboratory staff for any misconduct/offense committed.

7. Prepares all necessary documents for the renewal of License to Operate (LTO) & for the maintenance of the clinical laboratory.

8. Coordinates with all Section Head Medical Technologists for the ordering of reagents and supplies to ensure sufficiency of stocks for laboratory use; prepares Purchase Requisition (PR) for supplies/equipment and places order with suppliers.

9. Receives and checks all incoming supplies such as reagents, medical/office supplies, equipment/machines purchased.

10. Submits justifications/certifications under the guidance of the Department Head for the purchase of the supplies/equipment.

11. Responsible for the on-time reporting of the daily, monthly and annual census of the different sections of the laboratory for submission to the Manager/Officer-in-Charge.

12. Prepares/submits the Division’s Monthly Expenses incurred.

13. Prepares/submits the Quarterly Inventory and Consumption Reports of the Division.

14. Responsible for troubleshooting should any emergency arise in any of the sections of the laboratory.

15. Does other functions that the Department Head/Clinical Pathologist may assign.


Technical & Specific Functions

1. Responsible for the orientation and motivation

of the laboratory staff and trainees, for good attendance and proper attitude.

2. Closely supervises all Medical Technologists and other related staff in the performance of their duties in the section, ensuring full compliance of the laboratory policies, rules & regulations and quality control program in all sections of the laboratory and accurate and fast delivery of all issued results in the different sections of the laboratory.

3. Assures the provision of a proper and healthy working environment for all laboratory staff.

4. Ensures that all laboratory equipment/instruments and their accessories needed in the performance of laboratory procedures are in good working condition and contacts suppliers for necessary regular maintenance/calibration or needed repair.



Educational Attainment                                   :

Doctor of Medicine (Pathologist)

Working Experience                                        :

5 years of relevant experience in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology


Training                                                           :

4 years of Combined Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Training in an accredited training institution


CSC Eligibility                                                :

RA 1080

Certification                                                     :

Board Certification from the Philippine Society of Pathologists


Duties and Responsibilities


Administrative Functions


An annual review and appraisal of personnel is conducted for Laboratory performance and/or Human Resource Department for general performance.

Shall submit complete descriptions and skills requirements of the needed staff to the Human Resource Department for reference.

Communicates with other staff in the laboratory about testing methodologies, quality control techniques and delineating protocols for the issuing of results

Communicates with other clinical specialists and pathologists on issues of patient care and professional practice and in seeking and providing referral opinion on difficult cases

Develop appropriate methodologies and objectives

Coordinate the preparation of annual and long-range internal audit plans;  establish documented standards for the conduct, documentation and reporting of audit, consultation and investigation activities.


Technical & Specific Functions


Supervises and manages a laboratory effectively

Uses personal resources effectively to balance laboratory and clinical skills along with own individual learning needs

Supervises the analysis of reported incidents, adverse events and complaints and makes recommendations to the Chief Medical Technologist for implementation and or address the incident.

Approves the final result of EQAP before submission.

Supervises all medical technology staff how to maintain record of all laboratory files and its preservation. Ensure that all records and documents are filed accordingly.

Reviews the result of external and internal quality audit to implement preventive actions allowing the laboratory to anticipate eventual nonconforming events in its activities. A follow up of the actions is ensure and implemented improvement

Ensures no invalid or any erroneous done leading to doubtful and questionable results.

Receives and answers referrals pertaining to problematic cases and specimens.

Review and recommend necessary changes for the betterment of the section.


Duties and Responsibilities

As an HR manager of a secondary laboratory, some of your job responsibilities include:


1.Recruiting and hiring employees for the laboratory, including creating job postings, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions.

2.Developing and implementing human resources policies and procedures that align with the laboratory's overall goals and objectives.

3.Managing employee benefits and compensation programs, including health insurance, retirement plans, and bonuses.

4.Ensuring compliance with all relevant labor laws and regulations, including those related to workplace safety, discrimination, and harassment.

5.Providing guidance and support to employees on a range of HR-related issues, such as performance management, conflict resolution, and career development.

6.Conducting employee training and development programs to enhance skills and knowledge, as well as ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

7.Overseeing the performance evaluation process and creating performance improvement plans when necessary.

8.Managing employee relations, including addressing employee grievances and complaints, and fostering a positive work environment.

9.Collaborating with senior management to develop strategies that support the laboratory's overall mission and goals.

10.Keeping up-to-date with trends and best practices in HR management and making recommendations to improve HR practices and policies within the laboratory. 


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